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The Power of Art


Tanya Gantiva has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and has found a calling in community outreach through the power of art. Gantiva believes art has the power to transform societies and heal individuals. She has presented her teaching methods for cultural integration in art education at multiple Texas Art Education Association conventions, including the National Art Education Association convention in New York City in 2017.


Gantiva founded  ART P_WER in 2020, an organization that explores identity, multiculturalism and change through virtual art making sessions. Proceeds from these sessions as well as donations, help fund art supplies and art making opportunities for underserved communities in the Houston area. Gantiva also served as a visual arts instructor for the Indigenous Cultures Institute and is the former president of UT Artists in Action, the art education philanthropy chapter at the University of Texas. She continues to explore her art practice by actively seeking opportunities to create and collaborate with fellow artists and communities.

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Tanya Gantiva is a Colombian artist based  in Houston, Texas. She is an advocate for art education, research, and art therapy. Gantiva primarily works through painting but enjoys sculpture and printmaking. 

Gantiva creates narratives through her works, thoroughly analyzing an experience down to its smallest compound. She collaborates with the fluidity and movement of color and the depth that comes with it. Her studio practice is process oriented, testing out the physicality of the material and stretching its limitations.

Please contact Tanya for any inquiries, including commission quotes, or browse the online store for prints and other merchandise.

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